Sunday, 14 August 2011


Asalamulaikum to blogger out there. yeahh this time my entry is about FRIENDSHIP. When i'm graduate from high school yeah we happy because SPM already finish. No more study, no more annoying teacher, no more MAT REMPIT hahaha, at first month i felt so happy, we can hang out anytime,anywhere we want but after that when my friends further their study my life was like ughhh so EMPTYYYY. i dont know why but then i realize. when in high school time usually i meet my friend at morning we study together in small room, go to canteen together, we fight together, haha, we MEMBAHAN together. ughh i have to admit it i miss my school moment :( but how to do all my friend have their own way.Trust me if you hate school you are fucking noob sohai FOOL. appreciate your life. school moment only come once in your life. i'm not say i want back to school again but theres lot of precious memories and moment i can't forgot.last but not least thankyou for reading and theres some pic try take a look and sorry for my bad english . :")  

                                   THIS TIME FAREWELL SHOOT FOR MAGAZINE :)


                                              THIS TIME AFTER WE FINISH SPM. MERDEKA !

actually banyak lagi tapi ini dah cukup kot. hee :). yang ini last bajet BIEBER.hahahah :>

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